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Focus On: The ECRI Institute

Few healthcare organizations have risen to the level of awareness, or regard, of the ECRI Institute. Known informally as the Consumer Reports of medical device testing, the organization has built a firm reputation for honesty and independence over its 46-year history.

OHSU Data Center West

Data Storage

OHSU Paves Way for Big Data in Healthcare

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), a teaching hospital and research center in Portland, Ore, has built a new data center that will provide the computing power and efficiency needed to support big-data medical care.

Arif Subhan

CCE Prep

Radiation Safety

In this article, CCE Prep columnist Arif Subhan reviews radiation safety, a topic of critical importance to all BMETs and clinical engineers.

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Beware These Nine Medical Device Vulnerabilities

Medical devices are often left out of risk assessments, security, and compliance efforts—an automatic “fail” of both HIPAA and Meaningful Use requirements. And that’s just part of the problem. The range of medical device vulnerabilities is much broader.