Current electronic health records are perpetuating data silos instead of meeting the interoperability needs of their end users, a new market report from Chilmark Research has found. Open application programming interfaces (APIs) are key to enabling ongoing development efforts and furthering the cause of interoperability, the report argues.
TSO3 has announced that it has received the first purchase orders from the United States for its Sterizone sterilization system. With a 75-pound load capacity and a short cycle time, the Sterizone VP4 Sterilizer is designed to increase throughput and lower sterilization cost.
US News & World Report has issued its 2015–2016 rankings for the best hospitals across 16 specialties, including more than 5,000 medical facilities from around the world. Massachusetts General took first place on the newspaper's Honor Roll, a list of 15 US hospitals that ranked at or near the top among six or more specialty areas.
Health IT Safety Center Roadmap
According to a report from the Office of the National Coordinator, plans are being laid for a national Health IT Safety Center to improve the growing use of information technology in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The estimated cost of establishing such a center is $17.8 million to $20.6 million over 5 years.
Photo of William A Hyman, ScD
An April 24, 2015 FDA Warning Letter to a replacement battery supplier has raised questions about replacement manufacturer responsibilities and possibly battery quality. The manufacturer that received the letter specifically labels its batteries for medical device use.
With hospital-acquired infections on the rise, infection control is a top concern for many facilities. But given all the challenges currently facing HTM departments—including strapped budgets, reduced head counts, and increased workloads—where do biomeds fit into the picture?
Agfa_DX-D 100
Under the terms of a new agreement, Prime Healthcare will acquire from Agfa HealthCare a minimum of 50 mobile DR systems over a 60-month period to serve its 34 hospitals in 11 states.
SonoSim has released the SonoSim 2G, its next-generation software package. Using the system, medical care providers can now perform virtual echocardiographic and vascular Doppler studies, fetal biometric assessments, and ultrasound-guided procedures using their own personal computers.
Carestream DRX Revolution
Carestream's DRX-Revolution received the highest-rated portable x-ray system in MD Buyline’s recent Market Intelligence Briefing (Q2 2015). The company also earned the highest rating in the digital radiography (DR) room category.
At AHRA 2015, Viztek is demonstrating its portfolio of DR and PACS offerings, including the functions of its Leggera/ViZion + DR Panels, a line of DR panels that are suitable for use in any new or retrofit system.
Rivanna Medical's Accuro
Integrated with automated 3D navigation technology, the Accuro from Rivanna Medical is a smartphone-sized ultrasound device designed to guide spinal anesthesia. It will be exhibited at the upcoming American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) meeting in San Diego.
Dave_Lamoureux 500
24x7 speaks with Dave Lamoureux, director of sales and marketing for Global Medical Imaging, about the company’s evolution, the trends he has observed in the ultrasound space, and the challenges posed by EHR integration.
HS-2R_50 640
The dual-function Bluetooth HS-2R RFID reader and barcode scanner from Jadak, North Syracuse, NY, reads and writes to 13.56 megahertz HF RFID tags and supports a wide range of HF standards.
Clean Hands Safe Hands, a technology platform that uses natural voice reminders to prompt clinicians to practice hand hygiene to reduce hospital-acquired infections, has received a patent. According to the company, one study found the technology had the potential to improve hand hygiene by 400%.
A new Kalorama Information report, Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring Systems, has found that the purchase of new patient monitoring systems is being driven by a desire for cost savings and the need to integrate data into the electronic health record.
Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have developed a new efficient, cost-effective method of producing nitric oxide from the air by an electrical spark. The system could be beneficial for treating adults with pulmonary hypertension and infants suffering from persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn (PPHN).
Patient monitoring devices are among the most basic—and necessary—medical devices found in any hospital. But with healthcare’s increasing emphasis on interoperability, connectivity, and alarm management have come new challenges in dealing with these devices.
Accuson white paper
The latest white paper from Accutronics addresses issues facing battery design, development, and use in the medical and healthcare field. The document, available for free download, is intended to help OEMs better understand the possibilities and limitations of rechargeable battery technology in designing products for the medical sector.
MR Solutions' exhibit station
MR Solutions' new cryogen-free MRI magnet technology for preclinical imaging has technology advancements that allow it to be placed inside a Class 3 or 4 laboratory, as external venting is no longer needed. The company's new PET and SPECT systems were on display at two recent conferences.
The AAMI Foundation has announced plans to expand the Michael J. Miller Scholarship Program for HTM students. Starting in 2016, the program will award five scholarships of $3,000 each annually to individuals studying to become a biomedical equipment technician (BMET), clinical engineer, or health systems engineer.