FDA Approves 3D Hip Arthroplasty Software from EOS

EOS imaging received FDA approval of its hipEOS system, a 3D hip arthroplasty planning software based on EOS stereo-radiographic 2D/3D imaging. The hipEOS enables surgeons to use low dose 2D/3D images in pre-surgical planning, such as hip implant selection and virtual positioning.

Photo of Paramed MROpen system

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Paramed’s MROpen System Offers More Options with MRI

Paramed Medical Systems has unveiled its new MROpen, an open-style MRI system that allows more options for MRI, and is suitable for claustrophobic patients who get anxious in enclosed MRI systems. The “open sky” design and upright magnets of the MROpen will also allow for more upright MRI studies, and multi-position imaging.