Carestream RIS/PACS Helps Clinic Go All-Digital

As part of the process of converting to an all-digital workflow, the Indian Health Care Resource Center (IHCRC) of Tulsa, Okla, ordered a CARESTREAM RIS/PACS, a DIRECTVIEW DR 7500 digital radiography system, and a CARESTREAM DRYVIEW 5850 printer from Carestream Health.

MediCycle to Help Health Care Advance Green Practices

Medical device recycling company MediCycle announces that it will begin collaborating with industry thought leaders to develop best practices for helping health care go green, as part of its membership with Practice Greenhealth.

ECRI Institute Adds 4,000 Terms to UMDNS

ECRI Institute’s Universal Medical Device Nomenclature System (UMDNS) announces the expansion of its database to include thousands of new terms for medical devices, genetic tests, and medical device software.

Looming Large

Once a problem squarely in the realm of IT, cyber attacks on medical devices—including viruses and information-stealing malware—are now a threat looming large enough to necessitate biomed intervention. As hackers get smarter about infi


The North Carolina Biomedical Association

Alan Koreneff Recently, the North Carolina Biomedical Association (NCBA) announced plans to hold its annual symposium and golf tournament in September, supplanting its traditional December date. This year, the event—complete with education

Ilir Kullolli, MS

Medical Device Connectivity

As long careful planning and adequate time to accomplish each task, clinical engineers should be able to get devices networked and have the confidence that any data being output from those devices will be readily available when needed by clinical staff.