Andy Kremer Launches as BMET-Only Job Site

A new website created by Milwaukee-based biomed Andrew Kremer will ultimately encompass information about jobs, education, and certification. For now, however, it is focusing on the needs of job seekers in healthcare technology management.

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Share Your News and Ideas with 24×7

Are you part of an outstanding clinical engineering department whose story is ready to be told? Do you have an idea for an article that your peers in the HTM community will rush to read? Then 24×7 wants to hear from you.

Wellspan's Thomas W. Keller II, Daryl Lehman, Angie Jowanowitch, Renee Howard, and David Soffer.

WellSpan Health: Biomed Meets Information Technology

In 2006, WellSpan Health began a thrilling technological journey. Its path would eventually lead to the creation of a unique specialist group creating first-of-their-kind medical device integration projects.

The Animal Cell Cycle: Source: Wikimedia Commons

Cell Division

In the previous installment of ICC Prep, we took a look at the basic structure and function of cells in the human body. In this article, we will examine how cells form new cells and review possible CBET exam questions about this process of cell division.

Logo for Physician-Patient Aliiance for Health & Safety

PPAHS: Patient Safety First, Second, and Third

Patient safety forms a sprawling landscape of far-reaching issues that touch on dozens of potential dangers leading to adverse events. The Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety (PPAHS) addresses just three of them: alarm fatigue, blood clots or venous thromboembolism (VTE), and patient monitoring.

Matthew Dummert

Invest in Innovation

We often feel that we are being asked to accomplish the impossible. Consequently, we may feel we are falling below expectations. Unless, of course, we consider changing the way we do things. This is where we start to understand how innovation is potentially more important now then ever.

Arif Subhan

Clinical Engineering Certification

In this installment of CCE Prep, author Arif Subhan details the three main steps to becoming a certified clinical engineer: the application and preparation process, the written exam, and the oral exam.