From Mechanics to Management: Will Biomedical Education Keep Up?

As the medical equipment maintenance profession moves away from the mechanics of technology and places more emphasis on the management of technology, today’s biomedical technician needs a broader range of skills. Are education programs keeping pace?

The Animal Cell Cycle: Source: Wikimedia Commons

Cell Division

In the previous installment of ICC Prep, we took a look at the basic structure and function of cells in the human body. In this article, we will examine how cells form new cells and review possible CBET exam questions about this process of cell division.

Arif Subhan

Clinical Engineering Certification

In this installment of CCE Prep, author Arif Subhan details the three main steps to becoming a certified clinical engineer: the application and preparation process, the written exam, and the oral exam.

John Noblitt

Cell Anatomy and Physiology

In this column, author John Noblitt reviews some of the most basic elements of cell anatomy and physiology that biomeds may encounter on the CBET exam.

IUPUI Offers Health Communication PhD

The Department of Communication Studies at the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) has announced a new doctorate program in health communication. The new PhD program will begin in the fall of 2014.

AAMI Beefs Up HTM Resources Page

AAMI has updated and expanded its online collection of sample healthcare technology management (HTM) documents. Provided to the association by clinical engineering departments from across the nation, the documents can be used as best-practice models.

Arif Subhan

CCE Prep: Patient Safety

Patient safety is one of the topics in the certification in clinical engineering (CCE) examination under the area of "Risk Management/Safety." This section of the exam makes up about 10% of the CCE examination questions.


Needed: A New Paradigm for Biomed Training

As more and more biomedical engineering departments are being asked to bring their knowledge and experience to the table, it is becoming apparent that the traditional training and curriculum may be due for an upgrade as well.


ICC Prep: Still More Electronics – Thyristors

The thyristor, or four-layer diode, is not used in most newer electronic circuits today, but you could very well encounter a question or two on the CBET exam where a knowledge of thyristor basics would be very useful.