Study Projects Rapid Growth in Medical Device Connectivity

A new market study looks at the current state of medical device connectivity worldwide and projects how it will evolve through the rest of this decade. Key factors in the projected annual growth of 38% include an increasing need for workflow automation, an intensifying focus on patient safety, and minimizing readmissions.

A 3D printer on display at the Robot and Makers Milano Show in Milan on March 30,2014.

3D Printing: A Disruptive Technology?

The technology of 3D printing, originally called additive manufacturing, has the potential to become the next big technology game changer. In this column, Networking author Jeff Kabachinski takes a look at various 3D printing technologies, the kinds of materials that can currently be printed, and how this potential game-changer may affect healthcare.

Why You Should Worry About the Heartbleed Bug

Why You Should Worry About the Heartbleed Bug

The so-called Heartbleed internet security bug that was revealed on April 1 has been shaking up the IT and tech world. If you’re thinking it doesn’t affect your healthcare facility, you’d be well advised to take a closer look.

FDASIA Health IT Report

Health IT Report Proposes Three-Tier System of Regulation

A report released on April 3 by HHS proposes a regulatory strategy for health information technology that “promotes product innovation while maintaining appropriate patient protections.” The strategy would rely on a distinction among three different categories of health IT products.

Hospital Crowdsources IT Innovation

Last weekend, March 15­–16, the New York-Presbyterian Hospital hosted a “hackathon” for software developers and designers to help enhance the hospital’s online patient portal, called myNYP. A total of $85,000 in prizes was awarded.

The Medfusion 4000 Syringe pump from Smiths Medical

Focus On: Advances in Smart Pump Interoperability

In the campaign to increase the integration of medical devices into hospital networks, infusion pumps are on the front lines. They are growing ever smarter as manufacturers improve their interoperability.

Jeff Kabachinski

Networking: Ultra High Definition Technology

The advent of ultra high definition technology will have multiple payoffs in healthcare, including better screens for diagnostic imaging and central patient monitoring stations. Networking columnist Jeff Kabachinski reveals the key technical details behind UHD.

The Basics of DHCP

Dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) is a key mechanism to facilitate Internet-like communication. Without it, Internet or network access would be difficult, if not impossible. Jeff Kabachinski takes a look at DHCP and shows what’s going on behind the curtain.

Nexus Health Systems Chooses Summit for EMR Conversion

Nexus Health Systems, Houston, Tex, a four-facility health network specializing in long-term acute care, has chosen Summit Healthcare to provide integration support during its transition to Meditech in spring 2014.