Fluke Offers New Electrical Safety Analyzer

Fluke Biomedical, Everett, Wash, today announced a new addition to its line of electrical safety analyzers: the ESA609. The new unit is designed to be rugged, portable, and user friendly, according to the company.


New Endoscope Tester Introduced at AAMI Meeting

At the AAMI annual conference June 1-3, Lighthouse Imaging announced a new addition to its line of portable endoscope testing equipment, the EndoBenchXT2. Features include extended direction of view measurement range and improved data interface.

Acoustic Dose-Analysis and Field-Mapping System

Acertara Acoustic Laboratories, Longmont, Colo, has released for distribution what it describes as the world’s first commercially available ultrasound acoustic dose-analysis and field mapping system.


Gas Flow Analyzer

Fluke Biomedical, Everett, Wash, has released a new gas flow analyzer, the VT305. Highly mobile, the lightweight VT305 is simple to use and provides quick results.


Electrosurgical Unit Analyzer

The ESU-2400 electrosurgical unit analyzer from BC Biomedical, St Charles, Mo, now has an improved software package and a user manual.

Rigel Uni.Therm

Testing Device for Electrosurgical Generators

Compliant with IEC 60601-2-2, the Uni-Therm is capable of verifying and calibrating all major electrosurgical generators while guiding the user through all test procedures automatically.


Tools of the Trade: March 2013

Ultrasound transducer testing device, infusion pump analyzer, uninterruptible power system, endoscopic system light meter