Testing & Calibration Equipment

BC Biomedical, part of BC Group International, has announced the launch of the ConMed PM kit, a complete set of accessories needed to safely perform preventative maintenance procedures for the ConMed system 2450 and system 5000 electrosurgical unit generators.
Uni-Sim LIte
Rigel Medical has released its Uni-Sim Lite, a compact and versatile simulator capable of verifying the performance and accuracy of patient vital signs monitors. The new handheld, battery-powered unit was designed to carry out the most common simulations and checks, performing NIBP, SpO2, ECG waveforms, temperature, respiration, and invasive blood pressure tests simultaneously.
Rigel SafeTest 50 analyzer
Rigel Medical has introduced the SafeTest 50, a new handheld safety analyzer for routine electrical testing of basic medical and laboratory equipment. Suited to high-volume testing, the device has a simple color-coded user interface, push-button operation, and rapid test selection.
The Rigel 288 Plus safety analyzer from Rigel Medical, Tampa, Fla, operates on AA batteries and can be used to complete testing for insulation, earth/ground bond, and touch or point-to-point leakage current. Its small footprint also makes it easier for field engineers to transport from from site to site.
Pronk_HydroBalance 640
Pronk Technologies has debuted a new device designed to improve accuracy while testing infusion pumps. The patent-pending HydroBalance maintains a consistent head height in infusion pumps, ensuring constant fluid pressure and eliminating a common source of error during the pump testing process.
Acertara AmpSafe
Acertara Acoustic Laboratories has introduced two new ultrasound leakage testing products: AmpSafe, an electrical leakage analyzer for ultrasound transducers, and Accept, a probe adapter used with AmpSafe and other electrical leakage analyzers that interfaces with multiple styles of transducer connectors.
Fluke_raysafe_x2 640
The RaySafe X2 Survey sensor from Unfors RaySafe, a Fluke Biomedical company, captures low dose-rate measurements in both an x-ray machine’s primary beam and scattered radiation.
Photo of the Active-Z with stylus
Acertara Acoustic Laboratories has announced that its ultrasound probe testing device, the Active-Z, has received the CE Mark, allowing it to be sold within the European Union.
PET-MR phantom
A team from NIST has created a PET-MR phantom for use in the calibration of PET-MR scanners' clinical performance, allowing for the development of a national standard for calibrating these machines.
Rigel Medical, a manufacturer of medical device and equipment testers, announced on December 11 that it has produced a new online video to showcase its 288 electrical safety analyzer.
Acertara Acoustic Laboratories has announced that it was awarded a US patent for its Aureon ultrasound probe testing device. This is the 16th patent Acertara has been awarded related to diagnostic ultrasound system and probe testing devices.
Photo of Radcal Nugget in use with meter
Radcal Corporation, Monrovia, Calif, has announced the first WiFi device for the company’s Accu-Gold line of diagnostic x-ray meters.
Rigel Medical_Uni-Sim Banner
When combined with the company's hand-held UNISIM simulator, the PULS-R universal SpO2 simulation finger from Rigel Medical provides an all-in-one vital signs solution.
The IEEE has released a new standard aimed at helping manufacturers and healthcare providers evaluate wearable, cuffless devices for measuring blood pressure.
Syringe Pump
Because infusion devices have been involved in a number of safety incidents in recent years, they must be regularly tested and evaluated to ensure that they are functioning to the manufacturer’s specification and within clinical and environmental expectations.
Photo of Fluke IDA-5 Infusion analyzer
The IDA-5 infusion device analyzer from Fluke Biomedical, Everett, Wash, can digitally verify that a pump is administering flow, volume, and boluses accurately and is occluding appropriately in real time.
A new publication from Rigel Medical provides guidance on testing medical infusion devices and describes the operation and features of Rigel's Multi-Flo analyzer.
Acertara Acoustic Laboratories has announced that its ultrasound probe testing product, Aureon, has been granted a CE mark. The designation allows for sales and marketing of the product in the European Union.
Acertara Acoustic Laboratories has announced the recent expansion of its accreditation scope to include FirstCall calibration services and acoustic hydrophone calibration.
Lung simulators from Hans Rudolph are designed for use in testing respiratory equipment, They can also be used in training and education programs.