Medical Equipment


Home, Suite, Home

In this cover story, 24x7 correspondent Chris Hayhurst explores the evolving—and thriving—home healthcare sector and reveals what it means for HTM professionals. Read on to learn more.

Testing & Calibration


Tools of the Trade: Acertara’s ATLAS System

Longmont, Colo.-based Acertara Acoustic Laboratories has designed the ATLAS system as a scalable, high-speed, portable, high-precision ultrasound probe and array testing device— intended for contemporary probe and multi-element array technologies, including 2D matrix arrays.

Imaging Equipment


Mergers and Acquisitions in Radiology:

Investor interest in radiology is booming, with multiple well-capitalized platforms competing to secure partnerships with the top physician practices across the country.  Until recently, consolidation in radiology has been...

Professional Development


ASHE Launches Energy to Care Dashboard Tool

The American Society for Health Care Engineering of the American Hospital Association announces the launch of a new Energy to Care Dashboard Tool, offering an at-a-glance view of healthcare facilities’ energy use.

Maintenance Strategies


Leading the Charge

In this roundtable, three medical equipment battery experts discuss what’s propelling growth in this sector and reveal what pitfalls to avoid when purchasing medical batteries.



FDA Takes Steps to Modernize 510(k) Medical Device Program

The U.S. FDA has announced that, as a first step toward implementation of the recently established Safety and Performance Based Pathway for medical devices, the agency is issuing draft guidances outlining the recommended premarket performance criteria and testing methodologies for four specific types of devices.

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