Custom equipment case; wireless blood pressure monitor; biomedical auction site; endoscopy test system

photoCustom Equipment Cases
Melmat Inc. (Huntington Beach, Calif.) is introducing its SpaceCase line of custom equipment cases for the protection and transportation of precision instruments and equipment. ABS plastic makes these cases lightweight, yet resistant to impact. Special interiors and cushioning are available. For large quantities, molded SpaceCases with unique design features are available. For more information, contact Melmat at 800-635-6289, or visit the company’s Web site at

photoWireless Blood Pressure Monitor
Medwave Inc. (St. Paul, Minn.) is announcing its Vasotrax handheld wireless device for monitoring blood pressure and pulse rate non-invasively. On the underside of the 4-inch monitor is a sensor that is placed over the radial artery at the wrist. The sensor measures information from the radial artery near the base of the patient’s thumb, and accurate systolic and diastolic pressures, along with heart rate, are displayed in approximately 15 seconds. For more information, contact Medwave at 630-904-6942.

photoBiomedical Auction Aite is a biomedical auction site that allows hospitals, clinics, equipment resellers, and independent service organizations to buy and sell pre-owned medical equipment, spare parts, service manuals, test equipment, tools and supplies. The site also allows equipment manufacturers the opportunity to sell their sales demos units, close out models, imperfect goods, directly to the end-user. Buyers shop and sellers list their merchandise free of charge. The seller pays a fee only when a transaction occurs. For more information, go to

photoEQ-Test Endoscopy Testing System
DNI Nevada, Inc. (Carson City, Nev.) has released its new EQ-Test, Endoscopy Testing System. This device will save thousands of dollars in repairs by evaluating light sources, measuring performance, quantifying results, and storing the data in the Windows-based EQ-Test software. For more information, contact DNI Nevada at 775-883-3400, or e-mail

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