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Expert Roundtable: Biomedical Test Equipment

In this expert roundtable, executives from four biomedical test equipment manufacturers sit down with 24x7 Magazine to discuss innovations in the test equipment sector and how HTM professionals should approach the handling and maintenance of test devices.

General Testing Equipment


Key Advancements in Biomedical Test Equipment

Recent innovations have enabled biomedical test instruments to function more quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively, in addition to enhancing the capture, storage, traceability, and interpretation of critical data. In this article, 24x7 correspondent Ray Pelosi explores the latest advancements in test equipment and discusses how they affect HTM professionals. Don't miss out.

BC Group Ultrasound Leakage Tester, Probe Adapter Receive Philips Validation

BC Group announced that its ULT-2020 current leakage tester with the ULT-PA-19 adapter has been validated by Philips Ultrasound for use with the company’s X7-2t, S7-3t, and S8-3t compact connector TEE transducers. The validation ensures that technicians using the BC Group devices will remain in accordance with the updated IAC Adult Echocardiography Standards for TEE testing that went into effect on December 31, 2015.

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