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Are Your Devices Secure?

In today’s highly digitized, networked, connected world, cyberattacks have, unfortunately, become a common occurrence—with banks, entertainment conglomerates, and even individuals falling victim to malicious hackers and ransomware pirates. The global cyberattack, WannaCry, exposed an even more troubling potential target: healthcare.

Medical Device Errors


AAMI Foundation Grants to Fund Research on Reducing Pediatric Medication Errors

Named in honor of AAMI’s former president and CEO, the Mary K. Logan Research Awards Program was established in 2016 with a gift from the association’s board of directors. The grants awarded through the program are intended to support research and initiatives that focus on improving patient safety and eliminating morbidity and mortality associated with the use of health technology.

Fire Safety


ECRI Institute Announces New Initiative to Extinguish Surgical Fires

Although rare, surgical fires pose serious​ consequences to patients, hospital staff, and to the reputation of the healthcare facility. ECRI Institute, with decades of experience investigating surgical fires, announces a new consultative program focused on eliminating th​is safety hazard.